Everybody knows that Eastern Europe is rich with culinary traditions. There is not a single piece of classical literature that would fail to describe the feast with the abundance of the exquisite dishes.
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The products carrying the label of "ZAKUSON" are not a simple snack! In order to produce these products, the management of International Foods works with the leading food processing companies in Canada and Europe as well, using the old recipes. The colorful labels had been designed to reflect the original zest of these products. Today, the product under the label of ZAKUSON- is one of the most popular lines of products in Canada, USA and numerous other countries. Once tried, one becomes an eternal admirer of ZAKUSON products.

About Us

We are International Foods Company represents the unique line of products of Eastern European cuisine under the label of ZAKUSON.
This colorful name in itself contains a taste of the Eastern European humor and folklore

ZAKUSON is a gentle slang word meaning any dish, a snack, or even a sauce however invariably accorded by a shot of vodka or a glass of invigorating wine.
The labels of many ZAKUSON products state just exactly that with booze! (to be escorted by a glass of alcoholic beverage).

Also, we are a major supplier of the European food stuffs to the network of retail outlets catering the vast Eastern European community in the State of New York, USA.
We deal with volumes and search the world for the products of high quality and reliable deliveriesother countries. Once tried, one becomes an eternal admirer of ZAKUSON products.

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